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consiergO is a Smart Care startup that is developing an easy-to-use voice-recognition-based solution for elderly people living home alone.

Mr. Eisele, Consiergo is the first startup for Fluxunit. How excited are you?

Eisele: Very. Over the past few months we have been working hard on a variety of tasks. We are delighted that we have now set the ball rolling.

Mr. Singer, what’s the idea behind Consiergo?

Singer: Consiergo is a service for elderly people. It is the quiet servant in the background, always there when needed. It does two things: It uses modern voice recognition software to detect cries for help and then calls for assistance, just like a traditional panic button system, and it uses smart and affordable sensors to automatically learn behavior patterns, report any irregularities and inform relatives, care services or the emergency services.

It will enable people to live longer and more safely in their own four walls, and will therefore make a significant economic contribution. In contrast to existing systems such as Alexa, Consiergo has all its intelligence in the device and not in the Cloud, so very little data is sent via the internet.

What do you hope for by teaming up with the Fluxunit?

Singer: The Fluxunit enables us to act faster than the company, which is essential in the modern startup world. And precisely the combination of Fluxunit and OSRAM offers considerable benefits and synergies. Just the name of OSRAM opens doors that often remain closed to an ordinary startup.

The Fluxunit is not only an investor that finances our plans, it is also a sparring partner. We are in regular contact and discuss challenges and problems. And we use the network of the Fluxunit to find potential employees and cooperation partners. For me, the Fluxunit is like an employee I can rely on.

What happens next with Consiergo?

Singer: My target is to have at least one partner that will justify further investment. Every day since going independent I’ve said to myself: you’ve definitely made the right decision! Uli and his team are doing a great job and I am confident that we’ll be successful.

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