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FLUXUNIT - the OSRAM accelerator

FLUXUNIT is the OSRAM incubator program to explore and open up new business. Our aim is to support and be part of novel businesses, no matter if it centers around a new product, a unique service or a disruptive business model. As a corporate incubator, we search for startups worldwide, but are equally interested in teams from the OSRAM environment. The FLUXUNIT invests in, and supports startups in their early stages of development.

We believe that the next evolutionary stage in lighting will happen in spaces where light adds value beyond illumination – start to rethink light with us!


We focus on three fields: Smart City, Smart Building and Industrial Applications. Given our OSRAM origin, we are of course highly interested in innovative solutions connected with light. However, our scope goes well beyond pure illumination. Take a look at the examples below to get an understanding of our vision. In case you are not sure if your business idea fits into these fields, please do not hesitate to contact us for further discussions.


Innovating quality of life, efficiency and sustainability in urban areas. E.g. public safety, connectivity, (e-) mobility or environmental safety.


Innovating the way we use and manage private and professional buildings. E.g. energy saving, health & comfort, elderly services & support or entertainment.


Enabling new applications in markets beyond general lighting. E.g. horticulture, sensing / analytics, desinfection, aerospace and drones or defense and security.


FLUXUNIT has a powerful toolbox to bring your business to high speed and success. We are more than a pure investment partner, since we can support you with a strong business coaching. We are also much more than an accelerator, because we can draw on lighting expertise besides co-working areas. Moreover we can offer you a strategic cooperation. This includes support for example for industrializing your product or in terms of branding. With these wide strategic cooperation FLUXUNIT differentiates itself from other incubators.

As you can see, FLUXUNIT offers a unique mixture of opportunities for your business!


FLUXUNIT offers collaboration models for startups, both for startups arising from OSRAM or externally formed. If you spot an innovation potential you want to form into a business model, don‘t hesitate to contact us, no matter you are internally or externally.

Corporate Venturing

Corporate Incubation


FLUXUNIT invests in startups with innovative products and services, which provide scalable business models and address large markets. We focus on early-stage, technology-driven startups. Have a look at our portfolio:



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